GPS Escrow
The Escrow Process

Transaction Timeline | Important Information

At GPS Escrow, we want your entire home purchase or home sale process to be worry-free. Our role in orchestrating the required information is pivotal—we stay in close contact with all parties to the transaction to coordinate a smooth closing.

Along with your real estate agent, there are several service providers: the title insurer, the escrow company, the lender, and others working together to complete your real estate transaction. Once you have completed the Purchase and Sale Agreement, your transaction is placed with the escrow company. From requesting and compiling necessary data, to preparing closing papers, we monitor the file for completeness and await the lender documents as your closing date nears.

Our receipt of lender documentation begins the last phase of your transaction. When the loan papers arrive, we prepare a complete package of closing documents for your review and signature. Once signed, the documents are returned to the lender for review and final approval. Unless you require additional time for document review, the final process takes about four days from the time we receive the lender documents until the closing date.

We have two short videos that will give you a basic idea of the process and what to expect at signing.







Note: We endeavor to offer you prior notification of at least 24 hours for closing document review and a choice of signing locations and times. However, in the event of unforeseen delays, we may need to waive the 24-hour notice and request that you sign at a specific time in order to close on schedule.