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33 Tried and True Tips for a Sparkling House

Houzzers from around the world share their tips for transforming housework into child’s play.

Houzz Contributor,  Pauline Warlet

Household chores are a fact of life — no matter how we tackle them, there’s no getting around them. Sometimes we divide them up among family members and try to turn them into a game; at other times, we simply integrate them into our weekly routine. Either way, we’re eager to make them as easy as possible, and we want our tactics to be both cheap and effective.

Because 33 opinions are better than just one, we’ve asked the global Houzz community for household cleaning tips that will transform the novices among us into veritable pros. From herbs for deterring insects in Australia to green tea for banishing bad smells in Japan, these magic tips have one thing in common: They’ve been tested and approved by the best experts around — you!  To the tips Lego Batman!


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1_924919_0_1460612431.0The Montlake Spite House is Back on the Market For $519K

Built after a spat between two neighbors over a tiny sliver of land, the “spite house” of Montlake is back on the market after selling in 2013  


As the story goes, a spat between a divorcing husband and wife in 1925 led to the creation of an 830-square-foot house at 2022 24th Ave E. The 4.5-foot-wide home built on a pie-shaped lot was literally built out of spite and blocked out light and access to the neighboring husband’s property.

The spite house sold in 2014 for $375K. Now that buyer has become the seller and re-listed the home, this time asking $519K.  Read the article and see the photos.

Arborist-005-960x5008 Red Flags You Can’t Afford To Ignore With Your Home

Don’t let these issues lead to bigger and more expensive problems later on.

A current profile of women Realtors in the US in 2016…

The most expensive homes you can buy in 30 countries

Ready to play fantasy real estate? Let’s take a jaunt around the world to check out the most expensive homes you can buy in 30 different countries, from Argentina to the U.A.E.

Point2Homes, an international real estate listings database, compiled a list of the priciest properties in far-flung locations across the globe. From a full-scale palace in Morocco to a seaside getaway in Greece, these mansions don’t come cheap — but they will wow your houseguests.

Take a look, below.

The First Four Things You Should Do Every Workday

Ever find that it’s noon and you haven’t accomplished anything on your to-do list? Get a productive jump-start on the day with these tasks.

I recently got to work an hour early. I had one goal in mind: world-domination, early-morning productivity. I made coffee, opened my email inbox, and the next thing I knew . . . it was noon. Where did the day go? And, more importantly, why didn’t I get anything substantive done? Sure, I cleared out my inbox, but I didn’t tackle a thing on my to-do list.

After my lackluster morning, I decided to do some research and really figure out the right way to spend the first hour of my workday. And after a little practice, I learned just how productive one can be when you’re thoughtful about this. So grab some coffee and make these four things a staple in your morning work routine…

Valentine's Day--cc--Meg and Jeremy Fincher via flickr

10 Valentine’s Day Activities for Your Little Cupids

9 Minor Tweaks That Make Your Kitchen Feel Remodeled

When you can’t afford a total gut job, focus on these specific changes instead.

Want a new kitchen but don’t want to spend the money or time necessary on a major renovation? Forget the idea of the “right” kitchen and improve your space with some “right now” partial remodeling ideas. In her new e-book Kelly’s Kitchen Savvy: Solutions for Partial Kitchen Remodels (available for Kindle on, certified master kitchen and bath designer and certified interior designer Kelly Morisseau shares her advice for how to tackle what she calls a “20% kitchen remodel” for maximum impact and minimum frustration.

“Take a hard look at your kitchen with all its pros and cons to decide what can be accomplished first, and what can be accomplished down the road,” Morisseau says. “Lifestyle, time spent in the home, and future resale are all factors that should be considered by any homeowner looking to make changes to his or her kitchen, while keeping budget in mind.”

Check out Morisseau’s tips to transform your kitchen right now.