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With its roots in wartime, National Doughnut Day is now just a caloric fun ride.

War is hell. Doughnuts are not.

When a reluctant America entered World War I in 1917, the Salvation Army was not far behind. Literally. Several women from the evangelical Christian organization volunteered to make a “home away from home” for the soldiers of the 1st Ammunition Train, 1st Division in France, according to food writer and historian John T. Edge’s book, “Donuts: An American Passion.” This makeshift “home” was not far from the trenches where front-line troops were battling for every inch in the world’s first modern war.  Read the article…

Did your doughnut stick…Heimlich!


6 Reasons Real Estate Agents Aren’t Extinct

It’s 2017, and it seems our need for real live people is ever-diminishing. There’s self-checkout instead of cashiers, selfie sticks instead of photographers, self-driving cars, self-watering plants, self-administered colonoscopies … well, you get the idea. Given that technology has become so important to buying and selling homes, you’d also think real estate agents would be a dying breed—yet they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down, with approximately 2 million active real estate agents throughout the country.

So why did real estate agents make the technology transition fully intact as opposed to, say, travel agents? We asked some experts to weigh in.  Read the article…


5 Ways the Government Can Save You Big Bucks on Your First Home

| May 31, 2016

Itching for the key to unlock your dream of a new house? Here’s yet another reason to love your country: The U.S. has plenty of programs and incentives that could make that goal a reality. If you’re a first-time buyer—and even if you’re not, in some cases—there are some government benefits that can help you afford those new digs.

Before we dive deep into the ways the government can help fund your new home, there’s a little matter to clear up: your eligibility.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development—the U.S. agency that oversees all housing matters—is fond of bolstering the success of first-time buyers. But that doesn’t mean you’re locked out of options if you’ve already owned a home. Here’s what HUD considers a “first-time home buyer”…read the article

Jumbo-LoansBorrowers Who Make Less Money Are Now Getting Jumbo Home Loans

| Oct 18, 2016 | Wall Street Journal

Even as sales of luxury homes slow in some markets, jumbo lending has picked up. That’s because looser underwriting rules—especially income requirements—have enabled more people to qualify for credit.

Milford, Conn.-based Total Mortgage Services saw jumbo-loan originations increase from 19 in January to 54 in August this year. Another change: The January borrowers had an average monthly income of $25,059, compared with $18,567 in August.  Read the article…


The Surprising Way Your Job Can Affect Your Mortgage


What Brexit Means for the U.S. Housing Market


Britain’s decision to leave the European Union shouldn’t affect home buying and selling in the short term – but keep an eye on the global economy.

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is roiling global markets. But what, if anything, does it mean for the U.S. housing market?

The answer is no one really knows, and that’s the problem.  Article…



time to close

Steady Improvement as TRID Effects Wane

Lenders appear to be making headway in the TRID environment. With the busy spring market underway, this trend bodes well for the looming surge in seasonal volumes.

The average time-to-close was unchanged from February at 43.3. To adjust for seasonal affects it is best to compare March to March of 2015. Relative to the same time in 2015, the time-to-close was 3.3 days higher reflecting TRID-related delays. However, the February year-over-year increase was 5.2. The decline in days delayed suggests that lenders are adjusting to the TRID regulations and reducing time to close.  Link to the article…


If this year is anything like the last, almost 7.2 million Americans will get a tax refund this spring averaging around $3,000. If you’re a homeowner getting this refund, you’re fortunate because you’ve got more creative ways to invest it for a profit. Doesn’t matter if you’re selling, staying put, or stuck in the middle. Here are three homeowner-only options to grow that refund…read article.

Living Near These Supermarkets Might Boost Your Home’s Value

In addition to making grocery shopping way easier to boot.

It’s a simple truth that not all grocery stores are created equal. But when it comes to the best of the best, it’s safe to say Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are high up on the list thanks to their unique selections and high-quality food. Which is why living near either of them is a total perk for your grocery list — but it turns out it’s a wise financial investment, too.




What’s Wrong With This House: Broadview Contemporary

How has this house not sold!? How! Swoon

Each month, we crawl through real estate listings on various websites searching for homes–in all sorts of price points and locations–that for some reason, just haven’t found the right person or family to call their own. Sad. But why haven’t these seemingly lovely abodes sold? Last month we featured this more than 100-year-old Craftsman in Greenwood (three cheers: it’s now pending!) and got tons of great reader theories as to its continued market presence.

Now we’re heading to the very charmingly named Hilltop Lane in Broadview where this 6,230-square-foot contemporary dwelling designed by the late Seattle architect Sherman Jensen (who had been a friend of the homeowner’s father-in-law) has sat for a whopping 226 days. I’m told that it was actually pulled off the market early this morning, but will be back and ready for prime time in another month.

Yes, it’s at a higher price point for most buyers (it was listed for $1,450,000). But just look at it: Those vaulted ceilings! Globe pendants! Clear cedar wood walls! And a beautiful open staircase that calls to mind this rather famous TV staircase. It’s just stunning.  Let’s find out…