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Gen X’s want to buy homes too! BTW, Gen Y’s are AKA Millennials, JSYK.





With its roots in wartime, National Doughnut Day is now just a caloric fun ride.

War is hell. Doughnuts are not.

When a reluctant America entered World War I in 1917, the Salvation Army was not far behind. Literally. Several women from the evangelical Christian organization volunteered to make a “home away from home” for the soldiers of the 1st Ammunition Train, 1st Division in France, according to food writer and historian John T. Edge’s book, “Donuts: An American Passion.” This makeshift “home” was not far from the trenches where front-line troops were battling for every inch in the world’s first modern war.  Read the article…

Did your doughnut stick…Heimlich!

Lakefront compound on former Renton sawmill site listed for $16M

Eagle Cove comes with three modern houses and one vintage cottage

Neighboring the Seahawks practice facility in Renton, a long stretch of waterfront property is listed for sale—and it comes with four whole homes, or five if you include a house for a yacht.

The property was originally home to Barbee Mill, the namesake of a luxury housing community on the northern end of former sawmill. The Cugini family, who had operated the mill since the 1940s, didn’t give up the southern part, though, and set out building homes on the land.

One was originally the home of the sawmill watchman, and has a more classic cottage design.  Read the article…