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The idiom really means that if you handle your March chores like a lion, spring will be your lamb.

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March Home Maintenance Guide

Read your monthly maintenance tips here plus helpful links and project information.

The official date of spring is March 20th and winter is slowly losing its bite. For homeowners in mild to moderate climates, March is the time for stepping out into the yard, inspecting the property for winter damage, and preparing for spring. Other regions may still be still under a blanket of frost and snow, waiting for the thaw to begin later this month. Flooding is a general problem for many states, as warmer evening temperatures slowly thaw frozen ground. Spring may also be the time for electrical storms and heavy rains. Regardless of your specific regional climate and temperatures, here are some maintenance and preventative tips every homeowner should be aware of this month.  Read the article…

De-Clutter Now: 8 Things You Can Live Without

In 2009 I moved into a 200-square-foot cottage. The rent and location were awesome, but there was one problem. Half my stuff didn’t fit in the place. So I got rid of it. Furniture, old clothes, books, shoes, art. And you know what?  Read the story…