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prius-camper-van.jpgTraveling light.

Photo: All about a house for the cat.  Would just like it to be in a different city.  | GPS Escrow makes your life better.


This Week In Strange, Weird & Terrible Seattle Real Estate Listing Photos

A 3D printer, rear, and part of a printed canal house, foreground, are lit by the sunlight in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Thursday, March 13. Dutch architecture firm Dus has embarked on a project to build a 21st-century version of a classic Amsterdam canal house, printing it out piece by piece with an oversized 3-D printer, and then slotting the pieces together like oversized Lego blocks. Amsterdam canal house built with 3-D printer

Hundreds of years after wealthy merchants began building the tall, narrow brick houses that have come to define Amsterdam’s skyline, Dutch architects are updating the process for the 21st century: fabricating pieces of a canal house out of plastic with a giant 3-D printer and slotting them together like oversized Lego blocks.  Read the story.

2Freelance photographer Simon Dale didn’t deliberately design his home to look like The Lord of the Rings’ set, but that’s exactly what he did. Don’t hold your breath for Frodo and Bilbo Baggins to emerge from this hobbit home lookalike. Instead, you’ll find Simon’s wife and kids living on the inside. Fed up with huge mortgage payments, Simon armed himself with a chisel, hammer and chainsaw, and used his love of sustainable architecture as inspiration for his fairy tale home. After four months of work, he unveiled an eco-friendly home that cost just over $4,650 to build.  Read more at…

Is it worse to live in it or next door to it? | GPS Escrow makes your life better.

pink house pink house 3 pink house 2Crazy House Friday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A nice little home inside the country. | GPS Escrow makes your life better.

metlife8If we did Crazy House Sunday…this would be the posted photo.