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6 Big Ways to Completely Botch Buying a Home

 | Oct 11, 2017

We all make careless mistakes. We accidentally undertip the waiter. We lock¬†our keys in¬†the car. We wear white after Labor Day. We press “send all.” It happens to the best of us.

But some little mistakes can create¬†big¬†problems, like when you’re buying a home.

A house, after all, is a huge purchase; the stakes are extremely high.¬†With that kind of money on the line, you’d better be darn sure you can navigate the¬†home-buying process¬†without a hitch. And avoid self-sabotage! ¬†Check out the article…

How to Spend the First 30 Minutes of Your Day to Maximize Productivity

How you spend your morning makes or breaks your day.

As¬†entrepreneurs, we often work late into the night, only to roll out of bed the next morning, picking up where we left off. One day bleeds into the next, making it seem as if we’re always doing, doing, doing and searching for new and novel ways to do more.

The truth is, your desire to do more and get more done will lead you not toward greater productivity, but toward burnout, if you don’t take time each day to check in with yourself, and set your intention for how you want your day to proceed. ¬†Read the article…



6 Reasons Real Estate Agents Aren’t Extinct

It‚Äôs 2017, and it seems our¬†need for real live people is ever-diminishing. There’s self-checkout instead of cashiers, selfie sticks instead of photographers, self-driving cars, self-watering plants, self-administered colonoscopies … well, you get the idea. Given that technology has become so important to buying and selling homes, you’d also think¬†real estate agents would be a dying breed‚ÄĒyet they aren‚Äôt showing any signs of slowing down, with¬†approximately 2 million active real estate agents throughout the country.

So why did real estate agents make the¬†technology transition¬†fully intact as opposed to, say,¬†travel¬†agents? We asked some experts to weigh in. ¬†Read the article…

Surefire Tactics to Getting More Money for Your Home

All home sellers hope their place will fetch a big, fat¬†price. And while you can’t control everything that determines a¬†house’s¬†market rate‚ÄĒlike, say, the state of the stock market or the quality of your¬†local¬†school district‚ÄĒthere are plenty of¬†things within your power that can¬†nudge that number higher. A lot higher, in fact.

Granted, manipulating your home’s selling¬†price will take some work, and usually some money. But time and again, these proven strategies make a big¬†difference in final sales prices. Try a few, then¬†prepare to do a victory dance on the big day you get your offer(s). ¬†Check out the tactics…