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They may not put hair on your head, a collar under your shirt or art on your wall, but…

someone working at a standing desk during the code and theory office tour3 Time Management Tips That Will Improve Your Health And Productivity

Time management can be tough. What is urgent in your life and what is important to your life are often very different things.This is especially true with your health, where the important issues almost never seem urgent even though your life ultimately hangs in the balance.  Read more

LAS VEGAS — It was all about the “Internet of Things” at the 2014 International Consumer Electronic Show, which wrapped up last week in Las Vegas. More than 3,000 exhibitors showed off the latest gadgets and offered a peek into technology’s future – everything from curved-screen technology to driverless cars, smarter light bulbs, and wearable tech.

Pete the Planner: A Realtor is your No. 1 financial adviser

I firmly believe in the importance of hiring a competent financial professional to help guide your financial life. This probably doesn’t surprise you. What may surprise you is who I think is the most important financial professional in your life.  Read the whole story...

Drawing parallels between Elon Musk and Steve Jobs is irresistible, but how do big thinkers like them come up with their innovative ideas and how can we reframe our thinking to do the same?

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2014 housing outlook (© Image Source/Getty Images)

Home prices will rise in 2014 but at a slower, more steady pace compared with historical trends.


The housing recovery has pushed up home prices nearly everywhere. In the past year, home prices rose in 225 of the 276 cities tracked by Clear Capital, a provider of real estate data and analysis.

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2013 Profile of Home Buyer and Sellers: Technology Trends

On November 5, 2013, in Did You Know, by T.J. Doyle, Marketing & Communications Manager

Top 10 real estate trends for 2014

If the real estate recovery is a baseball game, we’re in the fourth or fifth inning.

Experts from the Urban Land Institute unveiled their view of how the rest of the recovery will play out in their Emerging Trends in Real Estate report, released this week at the land use and planning nonprofit’s annual conference in Chicago.

The group highlighted a number of housing trends we can expect to see playing out over the next few years, based on surveys and interviews with real estate developers, investors, lenders, servicers and builders.

So what will the rest of the game look like?

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53 real estate productivity tools you can’t miss

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productivity 53 real estate productivity tools you cant miss

Real estate productivity tips

In an action-packed Google+ Hangout On Air, we dug deep into productivity tips and tools for real estate professionals, and it turns out that there were enough tips for non-real estate professionals, that we got a lot of great feedback from all over the nation (and even Canada)!

Below is the list of every productivity tool we mentioned in the #GeniusLive Google+ Hangout, but if you’d rather watch the replay of the event, you can do so in the AGBeat Interactive Video Librarywhere you can also see when the next events are in topics ranging from finance to marketing, and you can sign up for alerts to know first about any event announced or replay posted!

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Time to buy? asks Gen Y.  

It’s a vexing question for many younger adults — aka millennials, born between the early 1980s and early 2000s. Mostly 20-somethings, they’re watching rents surge and wondering whether today’s still-attractive interest rates might begin to climb out of their reach, too.  Click on link to full article.


Taking ownership: Millennials consider buying to escape rising rents | Homes & Real Estate | The Seattle Times.

More younger couples are now looking to buy a home instead of renting.

Real Estate Lead Generation Myths & Tips


Are you struggling to generate business from your real estate website? Before you can change this you must understand the realities of generating quality leads and how to actually turn those leads into clients.In this article we are going to debunk some common myths about real estate lead generation on the web and provide you with some actionable tips to improve your real estate website lead generation and management strategies.Real Estate Lead Generation Myths

Real Estate Web Leads: Top 4 Myths & Tips

Imagine you’re a young professional who just landed a new job and are searching for an apartment in the DC area. What’s your first step? If you guessed searching for “DC apartments” on Google…you were right! Now you, as the real estate professional, are picturing your webpage at the top of both the organic and paid search results. Voilà, instant prospects! Well, not so fast. While visibility is one step closer to your desired sales conversions, there are many more pieces to the puzzle than simply good search results. Below, we debunk some popular myths about real estate lead generation.

MYTH #1: It’s easy to get to the top of search engine results.
Everyone begins with that ideal image in their mind of their website listed beautifully at the top of the Google search results, sometimes both in the organic AND paid results. “I just need to include some quality content, provide some links, and choose the correct keywords, right?” Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Getting your page to the top of the results is far from being quick or easy; however it’s better to understand this before diving in head-first. Without the proper preparations and knowledge of your target market, this could be a detrimental mistake to both your time and your wallet.

TIP: Implement a comprehensive online marketing strategy…and stick with it.
If you want to dominate the search engines for your most relevant key phrases, or even just want to take market share away from your competitors, then you must employ a comprehensive strategy. This strategy should be centered around creating unique, quality content on your website or blog. Promote this content through your social networks, PR, email marketing and good old word of mouth.

MYTH #2: It’s nearly impossible to get to the top of the search engine results.
As previously mentioned, it is certainly not easy, but it is definitely not impossible either. If you take the time to care for your website and provide your visitors with exactly what they are seeking, you will get good results.

TIP: Know your target audience and market your services directly to them.
Detailed client personas are a great way to provide visitors with exactly what they’re looking for. Depending on the size of your business, identify several target clients who would be using your services. Don’t be afraid to have fun with this. Find a picture to represent them and give them a name. Where are they from? Do they have pets? Are they tech savvy? How did they hear about your company? Provide as much information as you can about your target clients, then build your website to cater to their needs.

MYTH #3: Visitors are most interested in who you are.
Wrong. Well, yes, they do care, but not right away. Real estate prospects who come to your website from a search engine generally want to see what they searched for. If they like what they see, then they will check out your profile. However, if you don’t have the information, resources or tools they are looking for to find or sell their home, then you can bet that they will be moving on before even looking at that pretty face of yours.

TIP: Don’t make your website primarily about YOU.
Include your personal information and qualifications in the “About” section of your website, but don’t clog up your homepage with it. Including a picture of yourself is important and will help your visitors feel more welcome and connected to you and your webpage, but your face should not be the most prominent thing on your website. Focus your website around resourceful content, user-friendly home search tools and strong calls to action to create a winning formula for quality web lead generation.

MYTH #4: Lead generation trumps lead management.
We have found that this is a very common disbelief among not just real estate agents, but many business owners who lack experience with online marketing. You might have 500 leads, but if only 10 convert, that’s only a 0.02% conversion rate, and this is not enough to support your business. Conversion rates this low usually lead to a poor lead management system – one that can waste all of your hard work and money spent on marketing.

TIP: Guide each visitor all the way through the conversion funnel.
Once you get visitors to your website and are able to get them to provide their contact information, your creativity and hard work must continue. Segment your web leads by any and all information you have collected about them (source, location, interest, stage, etc). Once your lists are segmented then create communications to these lists that specifically target each of these segments. Lastly, don’t give up on a lead or disregard it just because it is “cold”. Cold leads become “hot” leads at some point….IF you spend the time and effort necessary to properly nurture it.

Generating Quality Real Estate Website Leads Starts Here

Quality Real Estate Leads

There you have it, common myths have been debunked and specific tips have been provided. Remember, there are many pieces to the puzzle of mastering your leads generation efforts. Successful real estate web lead generation and management comes from ongoing processes and hard work….not one off projects that have no follow through.

Lead Generation & Management Takeaways

Two things we would like for you to take away from this article are centered around two main questions to ask yourself:

1) Why would anyone want to visit, and more importantly, remain on my website?

Create personas and develop your website to cater to them. This will guarantee your visitors will like what they see and increase the chance of conversion.

2) Do I really have an effective lead management / nurturing system in place?

Don’t use automatic response emails to follow up with leads. Your customers will really appreciate a personal email from you and this will develop stronger relationships. Demonstrate patience and interest and follow up with the needs of each customer.

Follow these two things, at the very least, and you will begin to see results.

We would like to thank Annette Dvorak who provided some fantastic contributions to this post. Annette works at Contactually, a startup that has created a web-based personal assistant that automatically reminds you to follow up with the most important people in your network. Connect with her through LinkedIn or Twitter @annettedvorak.