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Working from home gone horribly wrong…

Custom garage for trike not shown in picture…

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A Self-Sustaining, Environmentally Sensitive, Car-Free Satellite City:
Would You Live There?  Read the article…


Well done…down under.

Ciolino House 1 Modern Australian Residence Spiced Up With Eclectic Additions by Greg Natale

Greg Natale Design completed the Ciolino House, a modern Australian residence in the shape of a large white rectangular box, almost completely opening up towards an inner courtyard with swimming pool. The “perfect” geometry of the exterior is brought indoors, where the layout and the furniture arrangements inspire obsessive neatness. The open plan living and dining area is not just invaded by natural light, but also by fresh air, as sliding glass doors can be easily maneuvered in order to connect with the outdoors.  Read the article…

Wanted Dead or Alive: 10 Criminally Outdated Design Features

What worked in 1980 doesn’t necessarily work in 2012. Don’t believe us? Look in your closet. Chances are, you’ve weeded out the parachute pants, leg warmers and shoulder pads. Similarly, interior design choices are cyclic. Even expensive, must-have features eventually become outdated and need to be replaced.

Is your home stuck in a time warp? That’s fine, if that’s what you like. But if you’re contemplating selling, you’ll want to eliminate the generation gap between your house and potential buyers. Where to start?


Blogging: From Good to Great

The following are tips that will instantly improve your website’s SEO, Aesthetics, and Visitor Experience.

The goal of this article is to quickly and significantly improve your site’s visibility and user experience. If you have been actively blogging for a while then I can guarantee that you will find great value in it.

Gas cooktop

Gas stoves are preferred over electric models by many serious — and even casual — home cooks. Their reasons vary:

  • Gas stoves heat more quickly.
  • They allow for better temperature control.
  • They cool down quickly.

Unfortunately, the house you’re thinking of purchasing comes with an electric range. The good news: It’s often not all that difficult to convert from electric to gas cooking.

Luxury Texas Home by Bernbaum Magadini Architects 3 Spiral Stairway Defining a Luxurious Residential House in Texas
The Bernbaum Magadini Architects have been challenged to design a luxurious additional house project in Highland Park, Texas. This particular construction had to face a problem from the very own beginning: a limited surface. The architects had to arrange 730 square feet and transform them into a welcoming spot, coming as an addition to the original home. The major request was that this additional space to be somehow connected with the main house by ‘a wall and a roof’. The exterior cooking area, with a seating area and the bathroom, which were primarily included in this plan were defined, but then a second guest room for overnight sleeping, now that was a provocative thing to do!

Plane, Not Plain