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How does your indoor garden grow?

Perfect for small urban kitchen gardens or those with limited outdoor space, Pod is afogponic indoor gardening system for cultivating herbs and vegetables.

Similar to hydroponic gardening, the fogponic “plug-and-play” growing system automatically distributes nutrients and water as a fog or mist rather than liquid, rendering Pod easy to clean and maintain.

Bonus: it’s modular design also promotes cultivating community by sharing and exchanging produce with others.

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Pod from Greenfingers on Vimeo.

Pod was created as a collaborative student project by industrial designers Casey LinAdam Ben-Dror, Robert Skene, Nick Johnston at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Via Yanko Design.

Cheery poinsettias make great holiday gifts.

Garden writer Ciscoe Morris offers tips on selecting and caring for a poinsettia, and reminds us to turn off irrigation systems as winter approaches.

Special to The Seattle Times

If you’re planning to give the special person in your life a poinsettia as a holiday gift, you aren’t alone. Poinsettias are the best-selling potted plant in the U.S., with well over 50 million sold during the six weeks before Christmas every year. Although there are more than 100 varieties available, if you’re really trying to impress that special someone, choose a red one. 

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Not shown: unicorn corral, candy trees and teleporter.

STREET CENTS | Full disclosure or risk a lawsuit

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House surprises after the purchase?

If you buy a house and shortly after moving in you’re surprised to find a big crack in the foundation or the septic tank bubbling over, wouldn’t your first question be, “Did the seller know about this?” Seattle-area real estate appraiser Richard Hagar says it’s bad news all around if problems are not disclosed before the sale. Surprises like this not only mean headaches for the buyer but more times than not they lead to  lawsuits for the seller and his real estate agent. So, what exactly should a seller disclose?

Richard Hagar tells KPLU’s John Maynard that Washington state has some specific requirements for disclosure.

“The laws have undergone changes over the last 10 years, and in different states they have different disclosure laws, but the state of Washington wants you to disclose anything that is adverse to the property.”

Hagar says he’s often asked to serve as an expert witness in lawsuits involving buyers who didn’t know about a problem with a house, they buy it, and then discover that they are facing thousands of dollars in repairs.

“The buyers usually sue for large dollar amounts and in almost every case that I’ve been involved in, the real estate agent lost and the seller sometimes loses. But the courts are likely to get their pound of flesh for the buyer, one way or the other.”

Maynard says he wonders just how far you can stretch the concept of  “problems.” He wonders, for example, whether something like neighbors using leaf blowers should be disclosed.

“Those things are so loud, running from morning until dark. Bring back the 12-prong rake!”

Sadly, at least for Maynard, neighbors using leaf blowers do not need to be disclosed. But Hagar says it always helps if a potential buyer hangs around the neighborhood of the home they want to buy. You can pick up a lot, he says, by observing the rhythm of  a place, including when and where your potential neighbors use those pesky leaf blowers.

John & Richard talk about it…Listen (03:25)

Here’s a quick primer on the mortgage-interest deduction and related housing write-offs.

Syndicated columnist


Nation’s Housing

WASHINGTON — Limiting the homeowner mortgage-interest deduction came up in two of the presidential debates, but specifics about who would be affected and how much they might lose in tax benefits were minimal. To put some rough numbers on the issue, here’s a quick primer on the mortgage-interest deduction and related housing write-offs.

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If “OK” was a spectrum, home prices would be in the middle of it…

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