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Why you must know what you want -get focused; get results


At Beverly Hills’ highest point, a 157-acre land parcel with a storied history is hitting the market with the highest price tag Los Angeles has ever seen: $1 billion. (Matthew Momberger/Juwan Li/TNS)

Prized mountaintop acreage in L.A. aims for $1,000,000,000



Business Strategy on Blackboard

7 Steps Toward an Effective Marketing Strategy

Real estate agents face huge competition, and a well-thought-out, properly executed marketing plan could mean the difference between success and struggle.

by Adrian Fisher

In an industry as crowded as real estate, how does one stand out? Up-and-coming real estate agents will benefit greatly by launching a thorough marketing strategy. And established professionals can use this same tactic to maximize the time, energy, and money they invest in the promotion of their business. Here’s how…link to article.